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Online Selling Policy

Anatolia Tile & Stone has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of porcelain, ceramic tile and natural stone for over 20 years. In that time, we have seen the continued evolution of product, market strategy, merchandising and sales channels. With these innovative concepts that deliver products and service faster and more efficiently, there have also been challenges faced on how to manage those developments.

Anatolia products are sold through an exclusive network of established flooring professionals, utilizing retail, warehouse and wholesale operations. As part of our network, we support those customers and their commitment to maintaining these “brick and mortar” locations with product, merchandising, showrooms, sales support and service. We also believe that these customers can and should effectively use any advertising media available such as websites, social media, radio, television and print. We support these customers promoting the Anatolia Tile & Stone brand online with our assets, however we do not allow the advertising of pricing or online sales using logos, product images, room scenes, product names (series, color, item# or description).

At the same time, we see the tremendous growth and recognize future potential of e-commerce as a valuable sales channel. In addition, we support those customers who want to establish themselves and grow their business using this strategy. There is an opportunity to do this effectively, but it also comes with a significant investment. Starting with a robust website with technical support, high quality photography, branding, and logistics. We understand that some customers will choose to do this, however we do not want to jeopardize the business of our core customers, so we do not allow use of our logos, product images, room scenes or other content in the sale of our products online including product names (series, color, item# or description).

It is our belief that by establishing these guidelines that are fair and consistent between both sales channels, we can maintain a fair and secure network of professionals. Those customers that choose to promote our brand and our products can continue to do so, with their sales finalized through the traditional in store transaction. Those customers who wish to establish themselves in the e-commerce marketplace, are welcome to do so, but will be required to create their own brand, creative content and images assets. In addition, the use of Anatolia Tile & Stone graphics, images, logos, or other company related material or likeness is strictly prohibited without prior permission and consent from Anatolia Tile & Stone.

We thank you again for your support and we hope that this new policy will protect you and your customers from unauthorized resellers and unfair sales practices.